Becoming Compassionate

We as humans are to busy forgetting to be compassionate to others or ourselves. It is also said that we are to harsh and critical on ourselves but wouldn’t maybe to a friend.

We are harsh to ourselves and others because of situations out of our control and because of those situations they tend to lead us to emotions and further thoughts we may normally think about things.

There is a great book called “The Compassionate Mind” by Paul Gilbert which I have recently started reading which reminds us and teachers us self compassion and compassion towards others. It is definitely worth a read.

Book Review coming soon… 🙂

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Coming to a blog near you

Hi all

Stay tuned for tonight’s blog on either The Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert (excellent book I must say) summation and how it can help us be kinder to ourselves and others or ideals/discussion around our identity and why we have such issues as humans finding and maintaining ourselves…

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Must have done something right…

We all get to that stage when we look back at what we’ve done so far, even if its only starting our career and suddenly realising we’ve done quite a bit.

The other day I was asked to go back to my university and speak to the undergraduates about my journey in mental health so far and what I have done with my career so far and give some advice to the younger generations of budding psychologists. Of course I am looking forward to this, it has also made me think of how we see the world and how we start out in the world of our chosen careers and how our journeys take us to where we are now as I’m sure I wouldn’t have pictured to be where I am now to have met the people I have or to have been as lucky as I have been. As I have known others who have gone into other fields or even to have gone out of psychology completely…

I guess it makes you realises where you are and how you can help the younger generations. 😀

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My Generation..

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” ~ William James (1842-1910)

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Another version…

“People not only gain understanding through reflection, they evaluate and alter their own thinking.” ~ Albert Bandura – Social Foundations of Thought and Action (1986)

This upon reflection allows us/hints to us that through reflection alone we can not gain understanding but we must assess and moderate/change our thinking ourselves this can be done individually or in groups, (which we shall discuss within the blogs as there is great debate between both types within a therapeutic setting). Not that this quote is meant in a therapeutic manner it is down to the reader to decide…

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The Realm of Experience..

“As is known, it is in the realm of experience inaugurated by psychoanalysis that we may grasp along what imaginary lines the human organism, in the most intimate recesses of its being, manifests its capture in a symbolic dimension.” ~ Jacques Lacan (1901-1981)

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A quote a day…

I aim as you have seen so far my fellow readers to put up a quote a day…(as you have so far seen) along with the reviews and articles. This maybe in the form and thesis of any theologist in psychology for after all this is a psychology sit back and enjoy the ride or in the case the site…comment or even post ideas or quotes or theorists you yourselves enjoy 😀 let’s get interactive.

That’s all for now

Roll Over Freud

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