Must have done something right…

We all get to that stage when we look back at what we’ve done so far, even if its only starting our career and suddenly realising we’ve done quite a bit.

The other day I was asked to go back to my university and speak to the undergraduates about my journey in mental health so far and what I have done with my career so far and give some advice to the younger generations of budding psychologists. Of course I am looking forward to this, it has also made me think of how we see the world and how we start out in the world of our chosen careers and how our journeys take us to where we are now as I’m sure I wouldn’t have pictured to be where I am now to have met the people I have or to have been as lucky as I have been. As I have known others who have gone into other fields or even to have gone out of psychology completely…

I guess it makes you realises where you are and how you can help the younger generations. 😀

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